Sharpening Behavior

Sharpening Behavior (TM)

Career Self-Motivation Mastery Course

 Course description: This program has two separate tracks (self-efficacy and emotional intelligence) with total of 13 courses that are taught on-site in an 8-day class (32 hours at 4 hours/day) or a self-paced online class.  The classes are designed to teach all the behavioral essentials for making effective and timely decisions, which is an essential skill for success. Research has shown that people who maintain a high degree of self-efficacy are more agreeable in trying new tasks and persist with hard work when attempting to tackle difficult problems. In addition, they have greater interest, motivation, and engagement, while emotional intelligence will enhances productivity, individual engagement, and success (Goleman, 2000). This course will prepare individuals to develop self-efficacy, provide actionable strategies for implementation in decision-making, and offer a turn-key model for improving self-efficacy. All seven (13 ) classes must be completed in order to receive the Mastery Certificate.


  • Differentiate between self-efficacy and related terms such as self-esteem and self-concept
  • Identify the four sources of self-efficacy
  • Understand how to use strategies to continuously build self-efficacy
  • Select and apply strategies to support self-efficacy in specific situations
  • Enhance abilities to perceive, access, understand, regulate, and (when necessary) transform emotions

There is no prerequisite for taking Sharpening Behavior (TM) course.


Foundational and Behavioral Source for Success

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