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About Me

Grateful to have been blessed with an abundance of favor and opportunity, along with the willingness to give back.  My journey has been interesting, but not without challenges.  The focus on self-efficacy and emotional intelligence were elements that I know now would have made a significant difference early in my life and in my career. There are many stories about kids from overlooked and underserved communities being the first to graduate college, however, what is not always readily exposed is the lack of coaching and mentorship.

In all the brilliance, fortitude, and self-motivation to succeed, the lack of understanding and emotions leaves room for severe missteps in life and career choices.  Leadership Works of GA the navigation and combination of individual personal strengths along with evidence-based proprietary tools will help develop individuals to take their careers and their lives to greater heights. 

Our Mission

To aid in the navigation of careers and life decisions by using Leadership Works of Georgia’s innovative approach to developing an individual’s personal strengths by using LW trademark tools designed to augment success through self-efficacy, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

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