Understanding Emotions in Oneself

Understanding Emotions in Oneself

How are you feeling? What are you thinking? 

Emotional awareness of self is to understand your thoughts, your body sensations, your actions tendencies, and intensity.  These aspects of understanding emotions are an ingredient for becoming or increasing emotional intelligence.  Let’s take a closer look at the element of thought or the awareness of thought.  Many scholars agree that thoughts and emotions are fused together and it is hard to untangle them.  Thoughts are triggered by emotions and vice versa.  For example, if you are thinking that a situation is horrible your emotions will follow that and you have a great impulse of being sad or angry.  However, if you say to yourself, “I cannot remember feeling this good “, thoughts of specific experiences will come to mind.  Increasing your thought awareness starts with building skills that help you to observe thoughts and can easily see the two interact.  

See more about the other three elements in my upcoming virtual workshops.


Dr. Murphy

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