Our Company

Our Company

The most highly successful individuals use online learning, workshops, and coaching for continued success.  No matter how effective we are, even those at the top of their game will always seek opportunities to grow personally and in their careers. 

Established in 2014, Leadership Works of Georgia works in conjunction with the goals of individuals, community organizations, and all colleges and universities.

We guide individuals and groups through the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving breakthrough results. We are at the forefront of providing people with the tools necessary to harness their decision-making by developing self-efficacy and emotional intelligence to curate their successful paths.

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach, encourage, and inspire mindful individuals seeking to expand their understanding of the behavioral impact on career choice and its potential to create new avenues of success.

To help clients realize their goals by using technology to power the proprietary approach to train and develop strategic decision making, build self-efficacy, and leadership by realizing more powerful mental, emotional, and relational capabilities, including new ways of seeing, knowing, and being.

Our Mission

Navigating those high-impact career and life decisions has never been easier. Especially with Leadership Works of Georgia’s innovative approach of developing your personal strengths along with LW trademark tools designed to augment success.   Conscious understanding of the groundwork and sharpen behavior through self-efficacy, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

If you’re committed to being a success story, we invite you to learn more our programs.


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