About Dr. Val

Dr. Valerie Murphy is a speaker, author, educator, facilitator, coach, entrepreneur, and business professional 

Her works are grounded in research-based methodology where developmental behavior skills are curated to bring out the best in individuals through coaching and group learning.  


Steeped in understanding the importance of intellectual as well as emotional intelligence, she provides encouragement, motivation, and critical support for self-development.  Dr. Val has served learners in academia for youth and post-secondary education institutions.  She has held multiple leadership positions for both private and public companies and is actively involved with the growth of underserved and underrepresented individuals and communities.  Dr. Val has been certified in emotional intelligence as it relates to behavioral psychology.  She is the owner and founder of Leadership Works of GA, Conversation Pieces LLC, and co-owner of eTime Internet Solutions. A true change agent and advocate dedicated to empowering and inspiring positive transformations. 


Dr. Valerie teaches skillsets focused on increasing self-awareness and balancing strengths with areas of opportunity for a more fulfilling career and life. Dedicated to sharing the significance of emotional intelligence and self-efficacy in career decision-making.

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